Thursday, 10 April 2008

The art of the Limping Seagull (Part 1)

Origami is an art form that has been at the realms of my consciousness for a long time. Something that I would have written off with excuses, with reasons why I couldn't do it...this changed recently. I took the time at the recent ATM Conference to learn how to do a few things things that I have been rather pleased with. You'll need to follow along with the slide-show above.

1.The first pic shows me starting with an A5 square of paper.

2.I then fold that square in half.

3.I then open it up and fold the top and the bottom of the paper into the middle.

4.I then fold the bottom left corner to the top

5.Then the top right corner to the bottom.

6.I then unfold it and notice the two "ears" that are sticking up

7.I then unfold the paper and fold the "ears" back on their "hinges".

8. I then fold the bottom half up, then the bottom left corner, then the top half down.

9. I then tuck the top right under the bottom half.

10. I then flip the thing over and put it portrait and fold the bottom left corner up and the top right down...this should make a square.

11.Now I should have pic 11!

If you make 6 of these you can make a cube...see if you can work out how.

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Anonymous said...

This is good. I did this with a year 9 class on the last lesson before half term. It wasnt a complete success due to my inexperience being an NQT and not spotting obvious things that would go wrong but having done it once I cant wait to do it again. Four groups made the shape successfully and it gave them great confidence. The enthusiasm was high they really enjoyed it. Do it!